I took the cheat route and was cheated.


Growing up in Houston for the majority of my life I was surrounded by that southerner hospitality. Generally, everyone is friendly, social, and colorful personalities.

Moving to a city where pretty much everyone you meet migrated here because they consider themselves a unique talented ( insert whatever job title). It’s pretty hard to meet anyone who isn’t anti social or a complete Dick. I mean this in the nicest way that they are dicks. I think much of their personalities are festered from the idea they they need to be overly confident because atleast 100 people are competing against them. Sometimes even with dating it’s like I get it why would you spend $12 on a drink if I’m not going to be interested in you?

 It’s not complicated, but you also reach a point where you don’t know how to make the dating game work. You don’t know how to meet people that know you like them and want to spend 40$ on 2 drink + tip + parking. So most of us LA singles will begin the online dating route. Yes, William Shakespeare is probably rolling over in his grave. 

For the past 3 months I decided to be less judgy and give this option a little tug. I joined POF and Tinder.

***Before you say Tinder is just for hookups and I had my fate served to me from the beginning. I’ll have you know from extensive discussions with all walks of life. Literally, everyone has a tinder.**

On my road to a less judgmental dating life…. I started enjoying it. I was like “This is great! I’m talking to so many normal people that we mutually like each other.” I was sold on this online dating life. Then I realized probably a week in that I had no idea who I was talking to anymore. Everyone was a blur! Was this John? David? Ryan? I couldn’t remember who is who and the actual face that matched the personality of the guys I was digging.

It was all so impersonal. I got all of this attention from strangers, but I wasn’t really getting anything else.

I decided maybe I should focus and find someone I actually would want to go out with for a date. I found 2  different guys that seemed as normal as anyone can seem from online. 


It was 50/50 – One guy was great while the other felt like I was listening to a seminar on water boarding, but in the end it  was a crash and burn situation.
As impersonal and fast as our relationship began.. It was impersonal and fast to end. 

The problem with this scenario is there are too many options. I had too many options, the people I was on a date with had a variety of options. If I didn’t talk to them they had someone else sitting on the bench ready to get in the game. This is where I said to myself
Online dating is taking the cheat route, to finding a relationship. 

What I did learn from online dating. 
Be patient. It’s worth it. 
Quality > Quantity  (even if it sounds cheesy)
It’s okay to be judgmental
I don’t want this to be my story with someone I’m dating


Written by:
Ordinary Lady Sarah. 
I have given up on being original and accepted I’m an extra dose of ordinary. Consider myself a creator of false worlds working on the TV show Revenge in the Set Decorating Department. There will never come a time in my life where I believe women shouldn’t be helping women. Started blogging because being opinionated on my facebook status was getting old. 

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