7 things I learned in 7 months

In this nonstop revolving door we call life… I have learned a few life lessons during a “self discovery” process which most of us can relate to. If you haven’t hit that point then maybe you’re in luck here are 7 things I have learned.

  1. It’s not that easy to bulk up at the gym.
    I hate working out. I know there are people who claim they hate it too, but go anyways. I have never been that type of person. I feel like owning a gym membership is not being true to my authentic self. However, I did wake up one morning and felt as if I was staring at a different girl. I always joke that I don’t want to BULK UP or be a muscle lady. After 2 months of dieting and exercising it’s safe to say… Bulking up is actually a project that takes time and you have to REALLY want it. So if you just work out and eat a good meal ya lose weight it’s actually not rocket science. What I will say is this DO NOT WORK OUT if you are happy with yourself. It’s seriously the worst and once I get my results chances are high I might just work myself back to that unrecognizable girl.
  2. Worrying about money doesn’t help you save money
    Everyone is always talking about student loans, car loans, rent, and the list can go on and on. I worry about those things too, and live my life trying to pay off my credit card debts. Which isn’t that scary, but compared to my income + rent in Marina Del Rey sometimes those bills make my future look bleak. The truth is if you keep stressing over this it doesn’t actually make you save money. Worry a little less and once you pay that credit card bill book a freaking ticket to London. Life is too short to not see London.
  3. Making deadlines for yourself isn’t going to ensure a better future
    Growing up we all thought after high school I will be 18 in college get my degree by 21 … married by 23 and making at least 100,000 by 25. Actually, NO. Then we start pushing those deadlines back to married at 25 and by 27 I will have my dream job and first kid before 30. Just forget it. Throw those deadlines out the window because you are only setting yourself up for failure. Yes, maybe some people’s lives work that way, but generally your time will come when it comes. From what I hear (from those old folks) most of the time you realize later that the life given instead of what you expected is way more fabulous.
  4. Not everyday has to be a rainy one
    Life can be a beast. It’s easy to get caught up in the nasty world, and what people are doing to each other, or even personal relationships. Negativity is a vicious cycle and the only way to stop it will be to STOP YOURSELF. Don’t indulge in the bad. Allow yourself  to laugh and smile. It actually is the best medicine.
  5. With that said – You have to experience PAIN
    You never appreciate the pain until it’s over. There are vast amount of life lessons you can learn going through a hard time. I also believe pain allows you to be ambitious. If a tragedy happens in your life I know the first instinct is to fix it, but be true to yourself and allow the hurt. You will be a better person for it.
  6. Don’t be afraid to change your mind
    This seems to be something that goes on generation to generation. Whether it be political reasons, loyalty to friend or family, or even as something as simple as changing your degree. DON’T BE SCARED. If you live your life right, and meet new people who change your mind about things – That is acceptable. Don’t feel trapped to have the same opinions or beliefs you had 10 years ago. What good would it do to be a fixed person? We should always be evolving and changing.
  7. It’s not important for you to like me- It’s important that I like me.
    Aside from everything else this is key. I have battled with comparing myself to other people whether it be how successful they have been at work, getting married, having a better body then me, or being envious at the opportunity to travel the world. It’s extremely hard to not compare your life to your peers or even your enemies. It takes courage to be confident in what you’re doing, and allow yourself to work hard, also DREAM BIG to get what you want. It seems most of us are so eager to please other people because we base the opinions of ourselves on how they view us. When in reality people make mistakes (when they do) , that will effect the opinion of yourself. Leaving you shattered because you forgot to be your own #1 fan.