Desensitized by Instant Gratification.

We are living in a world where we get instant gratification from pretty much everything we do. Well, except if you need to see a doctor that tends to be two weeks. The reality is though we own these little devices that give us the tools to connect to everything instantly. There are times they fail us and we go into a panic because we are momentarily cut off from the accessibility. My beliefs that since we are able to connect in seconds with the world we lose the ability to care about it. We are so desensitized from the ability to desire anything. Instead of desire we are met with anxiety when things don’t happen instantly, and this anxiety has a snowball effect into damaging us.

It’s pretty evident from most of my past blogs the one thing I talk about most is human relationships. They’re fundamental part of our being because we are built to love and share it with another (unless you’re a sociopath- stop reading now). The complications that break these bonds are our own desires to be in the ‘know’ about everything which all started because we unlocked a box to a world where we can share and access personal information. Once we start to eliminate that access  people begin to get a ‘false trust’ about you as a person.

Being a girl, and having friends who date the first thing that tends to happen in their relationships:
“What is your instagram, facebook, snapchat, linkedin.. Oh you got myspace let me know what you were like at 15”
surprisingly enough if these app’s do not exist for them the next question to follow is “But how will I ever know what they are doing?”

This seems like it could definitely categorize people into stalkers, but in reality this anxiety of not knowing is generated by many people. We lost the interest in conversation of asking someone who they are and to share their stories. I know the saying a picture can tell a thousand words, but it can also tell a thousand lies. It is nearly impossible to base someones character off of a posting! Sadly, it becomes such an obsessive vicious cycle of digging for some people that they lose out on the opportunity to ever get to know someone. Which leads me to the next part about texting.

Texting is such a funny thing to kind of wrap your head around (if you’re at least at and age where you remember it didn’t exist). The positive side is if you are in fact in an emergency you are able to connect with someone instantly (1% of us probably have actually called 911 lets be real ). We are a generation of respond to me now! We get so offended and hurt as if it was a personal attack on us that we didn’t get texted back. The famous lines thrown out are  “It take 2 seconds out of your day to just reply” or “I know you were on your phone.”  That is what is so dangerous about texting is we have the ability to share a momentary irrational feeling with someone in a second. We don’t take the time to just breathe and allow people to get back to us when they want to. What is really wrong with that?

I think people need to be able to compare things to rationalize the reality of texting. Just think of a scenario where you texted a friend and forgot to text them back or your parents? However, you take these things as a personal attack on you or come up with ideas of why someone might not be trying to respond to you right away. Learn to breathe and let people breathe. Learn to capture your anxieties and make logical sense of them because we you don’t you become destructive.


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